The Battle Begins – The Cleaner, Greener and Smarter Act of 2009

Posted in Alternative Energy, Environment by Arasmus on January 7, 2009

Yesterday, the United States Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced the top 10 bills of the new session of Congress. Among them is the bill below, the Cleaner, Greener and Smarter Act of 2009. The purpose of the bill is to improve the economy and the security of the United States by reducing the dependence of the US on foreign and unsustainable energy sources and the risks of global warming by;

  1. encouraging significant investment in green job creation and clean energy
  2. diversifying and rapidly expanding the use of efficient and environmentally-friendly energy supplies and technologies
  3. modernizing the transmission grid and electrifying the transportation infrastructure
  4. reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in the US and abroad
  5. providing enhanced energy efficiency standards and incentives
  6. eliminating unnecessary tax breaks that fail to move the US towards a cleaner future

At present this bill is just a placeholder and so, as you can see from the current language, it merely contains general statements of purpose. This bill is of immense importance, not just to the United States but to life on this planet. If the politicians live up to their responsibility, this bill will lead the United States, and by effect the rest of the world, to a new stage of economic development based on renewable energy. To date, the history of the human race has been that of economic growth coupled with an often violent struggle for limited resources and unconscionable environmental degradation. This Faustian pact will become all the more lethal as the franchise of economic development expands to include several billion new consumers.  I believe that this bill has the capacity to save the lives of millions by securing new energy supplies that will obviate the likelihood of future resource wars.  It has the potential to fundamentally change the way we live on this planet and beyond. It is of immense longterm significance to the human family. Given the short-term incentives of our political structure, and the influence of incumbent businesses on the US political machine, it is unlikely that this bill will realize that potential. However, it is our best opportunity to effect change in the right direction. We the people, must keep a steely focus on the passage of this bill through Congress. We must ensure, by an intense predisposition to outrage, that this bill, the hope of the world, does not become a whore to conspiracy, compromise and concession. This is why I supported the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Now is the hour.


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