Tools of A Modern Citizenry

Posted in Politics, Technology by Arasmus on November 3, 2008

One of the many reasons why I am so excited about this election is because it is astonishing evidence of the impact of technology on the political process. Technology is of course agnostic and depends on humans for its moral value. In this election we have seen the Obama campaign use technology to devastating effect on the Republican Party. By contrast with the Republican power base, the Democrat base is diverse and encompasses various interests at all levels of society. This great umbrella has been the weakness of the party, until now. The campaign’s proficient use of the internet has allowed it to reach out with their message, organizational instructions and requests for finance.

Here is a picture of the plethora of gadgets that I will be taking with me tomorrow with the goal of communicating my experience to the world, something that was beyond the ability of the normal person just several years ago. I will probably not use half of them but I am bringing them just in case. With these tools I can transmit, photos, voice, text and even video anywhere in the world – focusing the eyes of the world on any undesirable behavior or alternatively to just record what will be a historic day. This is the awesome power of the citizen in the modern age. On an aside, it is power that must never be concentrated – it must always remain like a mist, protecting our freedom, everywhere and nowhere. This collection of circuitry is probably the worst nightmare of both the traditional media and nefarious actors everywhere. And that seems just to me. The traditional media failed to ask George W. Bush the tough questions that might have prevented the Iraq War, because they were afraid of losing their seats in the White House press corps. Their ability to act as the fourth estate became concentrated and neutered. And as for nefarious actors, I can only say; cheese! The world is watching.

For those interested, above we have:

* Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera
* Sony high-definition video camera and charger
* Blackberry 8800 backup phone and charger
* Canon Powershot and charger
* Apple Powerbook 17 inch and charger
* Garmin navigatorand charger
* Android G1 and charger
* Plantronics headset for VOIP calls
* Olympus dictaphone
* SD Card adaptor – this allows me to take high quality photos with the cameras and insert the card into my phone and send that file anywhere in the world.


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