A Single Ouroboros

Posted in Philosophy by Arasmus on October 28, 2008

All things are defined by their opposite. Without night there is no day. The extreme of anything leads to its antithesis. Thus, in determining how one should live one’s life, without balance, to pursue one direction without restraint is to end up in completely the wrong place. With sufficient degree, one’s destination couldn’t be further away from where one wants to go. But where along the road is this balance to be found? No one knows. Perhaps it is essential to go all the way. Perhaps it is necessary to go to Hades in order to know the joy of returning from the Underworld. This cannot surely be a practical solution, there are more hells than man can endure. In the best case, one runs out of life just as one runs out of hells. Then falling from a once youthfull hand the secret returns to the darkness.  Perhaps there is a sufficient degree.  Perhaps once you have seen one ouroboros you have seen them all and can intuitively understand their universal applicability.  A sailor, even in a foreign fjord knows how to sail his ship, he knows where the deep water must be.  This then is judgment, knowledge, the fruit of man’s first trip to hell.  And like Prometheus, once stolen from the Gods, one flame alone is sufficient to illuminate the earth.


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