Third Way For Healthcare – Germany

Posted in Politics by Arasmus on April 13, 2008

In my opinion access to health care is a human right. In implementing a health care system, other than the one that would naturally occur in the absence of government regulation, I think the challenging goal is to (1) design the system in such a way so as to prevent waste and ensure that the most people receive the best care and (2) preserve the incentives for innovation in the field of medical research so that the most people can receive the best care in the future. The German system provides an interesting model. This is an excerpt from a documentary, Sick Around The World, that starts this coming Tuesday on PBS.

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God’s Avatars

Posted in Philosophy, Technology by Arasmus on April 12, 2008

Late at night my mind becomes a lawless region for vagrant ideas that slope beneath fading streetlamps of consciousness. One such thought this night, while reflecting on why anyone would leave a virtual world of their own creation, is the funny notion that we are all the avatars of a divine entity in a virtual world of his/her/its creation. Through us he/she/it (oh for crying out loud everyone knows God is an old man with gout) gets to experience the sensations of a trillion souls. And you thought your inbox had a lot of email!