Lawrence Lessig – Who Owns Culture?

Posted in Law, Politics, Technology by Arasmus on March 20, 2008

In this presentation Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig outlines his thesis with respect to copyright in the age of the internet. Lessig argues that there is difference between the way the law enforces copyright in the non-digital or pre-digital world and the way the law enforces copyright in the digital world. In the non-digital world there are limits on the enforcement of copyright – exceptions are made for fair use and derivative works. In the digital world however, copyright is enforced without these limits. This policy mistake is being enforced through digital rights management technologies that prevent the sort of re-creation that in the past led to new art forms across a plethora of disciplines ranging from jazz to the works of Andy Warhol. Lessig argues that we pay a massive price, in lost creativity and free speech, for the failure of the law to balance competing interests in the digital world in the same way that it did in the pre-digital world.


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